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If you're interested in the history of the Royal Navy, Portsmouth's Historic Dockyards, and the magnificent paintings of maritime scenes, such as Trafalgar and Horatio Nelson, then you may find the following links of use: (Remember to bookmark our site if you would like to return).




HMS Victory
HMS Warrior
HM Monitor 33
Golden Hind
Admiral Nelson
Captain Cook
Francis Drake
Walter Raleigh
Portsmouth Memorials
The City of Portsmouth has a long and distinguished history of involvement with the Armed Forces and this is reflected in the number of memorials within the city. These pages are dedicated to the memory of both the service personnel and the civilians whose lives are remembered on them.
SeaBritain 2005
SeaBritain 2005 is a national maritime celebration on a grand scale. With events throughout 2005 we invite you to celebrate the ways in which the sea touches all of our lives.
Letters and Dispatches
These on-line editions of Horatio Nelson's dispatches and letters are based directly on the original nineteenth century editions. Nelson, who died at the naval battle of Trafalgar on October 21, 1805, was one of the most successful and famous of British fleet commanders.

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